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Either you stay out of station/busy in your life/do not want to trouble your dear ones in managing your property or stays abroad, your property is in safe hands with Property Protectors. We Property Protectors are here to protect your property from property hazards, regular maintenance etc., for a minimum period of 11 months Agreement and can be extended from time to time.

Property maintenance

Negotiating with the tenants for best rents in the area basing on the amenities in the said property.

Regular physical inspection

As soon as the owner sings agreement with Property Protectors, Property Protectors take the charge of protecting the property.


A part from protecting your property, Property Protectors will also provide the assistance in renovating your property according to your taste and desire.

Payment of bills and taxes

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What We Do

Property Protectors adopt best scientific way and adopt up to date technology regularly to get in touch with its clients for better and in time service for property protection.

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