About Us


The world has become very small due to drastic development in science and technology and it has become very important for all of us to get updated ourselves as per the changing conditions in the world, as such we have to move by living our valuable properties which were owned by working hard for years together and which were owned by savings by killing all our desires.  Having a valuable property at one place and staying away from the property is always a challenge to manage them and we can’t even force our family members and loved ones to take care of those properties regularly, as such we will lose our control over the property which were owned by hard earned money.

We Property Protectors provide all the services to protect your property as if you are managing your property personally even though staying away from the property.  Once the owner of the property handover the responsibility of protecting property to Property Protectors, Property Protectors will safeguard the property with utmost care and responsibility in managing the property in all corners, as we understand the hard work in owning the property and the feelings and sentiments over the said property as it an investment for you and your family members in future and Property Protectors will never and ever lose your trust on us.  Property Protectors services are designed to managed the properties of owners who are away from their property, like busy in their daily schedule, residing at out of station any wherein India, and those who are staying in USA, UAE, UNITED KINDOM, EUROPIAN COUNTRIES, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, NEW ZEALAND, etc.,

Property Protectors are offering the services of property management with a vision to protect the properties with utmost care and responding to the complaints of either owners or tenants within 24 hours to avoid any sort of additional damage to the property and other illegal acts over the property either by tenants or any other person, as we better understand the hard work, investment, feelings and sentiments of the owners over the property.

We assure you that, we make you free of all pressures in managing your property with our professional service by protecting your property from all issues.  We look forward to see you again and again with long term trust and relationship.

We the Property Protectors are registered under Companies Act, and is a Private Limited Company and having vast experience in managing the properties like independent houses, bungalow, commercial properties, villas, flats, open plots, open lands through professionals who are having vast experience in maintaining, safeguarding and protecting the properties who cannot manage personally who are either residing in out stations and abroad.  We understand that, each and every person work hard for years together and acquire property and cannot manager and protect the property due to many reasons.  The team at Property Protectors are well trained and experienced in managing the day to day requirements in protecting property by attending the complaints within 24 hours of lodging the complaints either by phone or email to our customer care.

Property Protectors adopt best scientific way and adopt up to date technology regularly to get in touch with its clients for better and in time service for property protection.

Main motto of Property Protectors is to render best out of best services to its clients to protect their properties who cannot manage them.

Property Protectors collect litigation-free properties for maintenance and assure to hand over the same property without any litigation to its clients.

“Beyond Lease” is a Property Management Firm, we offer both residential and commercial property care for people owning properties in Hyderabad & Bangalore.

Beyond Lease is promoted by “Capital Works”. We are a team of professionals from diverse industries like Banking, Law, Civil engineering, Real Estate and Constructions.

What We Do?

Our extensive range of property administration and management services is meant to offer relief to the people who find it difficult to manage their rented property, administer tenants or simply stay updated about an open plot or Land that they own in & around Hyderabad & Bangalore.