• Why do I need your service?
  • If you own a property and not staying near to your property or unable to manage due to your busy schedule.
  • If you are having multiple properties and become a hurdle to manage day to day issues like tenants background verification, tenancy agreements and renewal, collection of rents, paying of taxes and bills, plumbing, electrical, etc.
  • What services are provided by Property Protectors?
  • Managing the property of owners.
  • Signing the Rental agreement or renewal with the tenants, negotiation on rent,
  • Managing the property for the agreed tenure.
  • Regular report of the property condition to its owner.
  • Latest developments reports in the area.
  • Collection of advances and rents from the tenants and transfer to the owner.
  • Property maintenance like plumbing, electrical repairs, carpentry, painting, etc.,
  • Identifying new tenant/s if the property is vacate.
  • Paying bills of electricity, property tax, maintenance etc.,
  • Assisting the owner when he visits to view property with prior intimation.
  • Collection of all the outstanding rental amounts.
  • Maintaining healthy relation with the Associations and societies where the property is located.
  • Assistance in buying and selling of the property under special request to Property Protectors. 
  • What about account maintainability?
  • Property Protectors are well aware that, each client has their own requirements to protect their property and we understand the necessity of such requirements and act accordingly to the guidance of the owners and complete the works and maintain transparency in accounts and immediate update of bills, receipts etc., to the owner without any delay.
  • We maintain soft and hard copies of all bills, receipts etc., till the completion of the agreement period.

Power of Attorney

What is Power of Attorney? It is likely that people who have an immovable property in India feel the need to give the power of attorney to someone in India to take care of all the affairs related to the property. Businessmen and industrialists living in the U.S. often have to make decisions that affect operations in India. To solve the problems faced in day-to-day operations, people often delegate their functions to a third party (a family member, business partner, employee, etc). The third party performs functions on their behalf. A power of attorney is a legal document that explains this arrangement between two parties. How to get a power of attorney?

Steps for creating a Power of Attorney

STEP 1: Write the power of attorney on plain paper. There is no need to create it on stamp paper from India, subject to conditions. Sign the power of attorney. Two witnesses should also sign this document. The addresses of the applicant and witnesses should be typed clearly. All this must be done in the presence of a notary public. You can also get this done at the Indian Consulate as well. All post offices and banks have a public notary too.

STEP 2: NECESSARY ONLY FOR COMMERCIAL AND COMPANY MATTERS. Send a request for an apostille to the Secretary of State. The Department of State, Authentications Office is responsible for signing and issuing certificates under the Seal of the U.S. Department of State (22 CFR, Part 131. The goal is to provide authentication services to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals (for example, Indians) on documents such as a power of attorney that will be used overseas. For more information on where to apply please visit http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php?act=authorities.details&aid=353

STEP 3: FOR ALL MATTERS RELATSTEP 3 FOR ALL MATTERS RELATED TO PROPERTY AND FINANCES Send the document to the Indian Consulate. If you are submitting the documents in person, you can sign it in the presence of the officer at the Consulate. You should carry your passport as well. The attestation service at any Indian Consulate is provided for Indian citizens only. There is one exception. Documents submitted by applicants of other nationalities will be attested only if there is an ‘India’ connection. This means that the applicant wants to give this document for a transaction in India or it originates from India.

STEP 4: Pay the fee at the Consulate. The fee of attestation is as follows: Fees should be paid through money order or cashiers’ cheque drawn in favor of the ‘Consulate General of India, (City of Consulate)’. Personal checks, credit cards or other banking instruments are not accepted. Debit cards are accepted with an additional service fee. The fee is non-refundable.

STEP 5: Once your power of attorney is attested by the Indian Consulate/Embassy you can send it to India. A power of attorney must be wisely created and given to a trustworthy person. The agent must also be very cautious before accepting a power of attorney. A poorly drafted power of attorney may become a bone of contention between the affected parties. If you live in the U.S. and are having a tough time dealing with financial and property related matters in India, it is a good idea to draft a power of attorney!



With the growing interest of NRI’s at investing back home in India calls for specialized and professional valuation services to assess the property purchase decisions. NorthFace advisory team in India is pioneer in providing accurate, credible and timely property valuations.

NorthFace belives in personal verification and inspection is the only way to assure best buy. NorthFace is a service provider that offers visual confirmation and personalized report completed onsite, by an expert after examining the property.

Our approach to service delivery helps clients across the globe to manage risk of buying property back home in India and enhances value buying. We enable our clients to focus on their core day to day activities and work by evaluating their property related decisions with total efficiency – and always with the aim of maximising the value. We’ve invested in people and technology, creating a property consultancy service, ironing out inefficiencies and adding value all the time.

We pride ourselves our bright, motivated and committed team of experts and our hands on VPV approach to solving your property verification and valuation issues

Purchasing property be it for own use or as an investment is a significant event in one’s life. So before you decide on the property, a simple VPV can save you from repenting at leisure.

  1. Basic Report:

The Basic property report gives you complete look and feel of the property with NorthFace’s set of eyes. This report helps the buyer to get in touch with how the locality is, sighting the important landmarks around the area.This report provides with a visual feel with couple of photographs and exclusive NorthFace Expert advice on the property proposed to buy.

(Download Sample Basic Service Report)

  1. Premium Report:

The Premium property report gives you detailed information including the estimate of current market value, title details and Encumberence Certificate. This report makes you knowledgeable about the neighbourhood, surroundings with few photographs and a video. Apart from the free information this report has NorthFace comments, Exclusive Expert advice and suggestions to buy or reject the proposed property.

(Download Sample Premimum Report )

  1. Custom Report:

The Custom report gives you that details in particular which the buyer/client specifically requests NorthFace to do so. The report is exclusively based on the buyer/client request. If the Buyer/Client wishes to find about exact title details or Encumberence certificate or precisely on Legal opinion or specifically on the construction progress of the venture or any other explicit appeal, NorthFace can offer the same. For a specific personalized view of the property this is the best and worthy report.

(Previleged Service Report Available On Request )


What is NorthFace Service? How NorthFace Service is different from Real Estate agents and brokers?

NorthFace is a exclusive property consultancy service that sends a real live person named NorthFace Expert to look at your proposed to buy property. We make simple observations and remarks and take some digital photos & videos, when you are unable to look for yourself.  NorthFace provides you visual confirmation and a personalized report, to verify basic information about the property.

NorthFaceis a service provider & Not a Brokerage firm. We are not real estate Agents or Brokers, we will work 100% for customers and make sure our customers are not victims of Fraud or Misrepresentation of real estate agents and brokers. Our slogan is “Service comes first”.

How Does NorthFace Work?

We follow a simple VPV approach to give the client accurate information

V—Verified (Unbaised and Independent Verification)

You need any type of property to be Verified before you buy?

We provide you with personalized report Clients Benefit: Avoid Fraud and Save time & money

P—Personalized (Report)

NorthFace dispatches Experts for a Personalized Report

Onsite inspection

Custom effort for Personalized queries

Report from the Experts

V—Valuated (Property)

You property is Valuated after receiving Credible Information

Validates the property registration

Visual report includes photos and videos

Your Custom task accomplished

How far is NorthFace Reliable?

NorthFace is the one and only property consultancy in India to think on behalf of the customer and provide with detailed analysis on the piece of property the client is proposed to buy. NorthFace’s Experts keep constant watch on the real estate market and know about the exact property market value. We are also knowledgeable about the future projects, developments, flyovers and road maps sanctioned by HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority).

Our thumb rule is to provide our clients with useful and strategic solutions for a profitable property transaction.

Who is a NorthFace Expert?

An Expert is a real live person who is literally buyer’s eyes and ears onsite, he/she visually sees the property and performs an onsite inspection. He/She will check the surroundings, the land use zone and also check on every legal and title aspects of the property. An Expert will be able to compare and watch the nearby local area developments and based on which can guide you on property purchase.

Can I save time and money on travel costs by using the NorthFace service?

Yes. With just a click of a button you can get the answers you need without having to travel at all. You don’t need to pay huge expenditure just order a VPVservice. This is the most significant reason why NorthFace Service is so valuable.

I’m thinking about buying property from someone, How do I know the broker’s claim is truthful? Can NorthFace help verifying the claims?

Many prospective buyers are facing with the same problem of trust with the broker’s/seller’s claim. NorthFace will send it’s expert to research on the nearby land/property value, estimated current market value and compare with the broker’s/seller’s claim. NorthFace can certainly help in verifying and comparing the claims by comparable local sales of the nearby properties in the recent past.

Does NorthFace check to assure that Seller actually owns the property that is for sale?

As NorthFace gets an enquiry on a property purchase based on VPV approach firstly we will clarify on the Encumbrance Certificate, title details and also validate on the certificate of possession from registered office of Hyderabad. Through the above procedure we can verify the property’s actual owner is the same as seller.

I need someone to check the condition of the property and valuate the credentials. Can NorthFace do that?

Yes Of course, NorthFace Expert can check the condition of the already built independent house/flat and can report back to you on the actual state of the property.

Can NorthFace help me confirm the property I want to purchase is the best buy? Can you provide an expert opinion?

NorthFace can definitely help you rate the property if it is best buy or not. For every type of report you order our Expert will go for an onsite inspection do a VPV following which your report will be tagged with the type of purchase for example “Best Buy”, “Profitable Purchase”, “Satisfactory Acquisition”, “Insolvent”  and an exclusive NorthFace advice to help you take a better-informed decision on the property purchase.

Can NorthFace recommend best alternatives based on my requirements to purchase property in the city?

Yes to an extent, NorthFace can recommend best alternatives for you based on your budget, property type and chosen localities. NorthFace will not have any tieups with real-estate agents or brokers to recommend any of their properties, but will genuinely mention a few property options. It is totally your decision to buy the NorthFace chosen property alternatively.

At times it is hard to belive the builder / developer by their false promises. Can NorthFace monitor the construction process and update on the progress?

Yes certainly, Your NorthFace appointed Expert can monitor the construction progress and send you weekly or biweekly updates along with digital photographs.

What types of Inspections can NorthFace provide?

NorthFace will send Experts and Field Managers to perform inspections on almost any type of property but most can be found within these three categories.

Onsite Inspection

Timely Inspection

Construction Inspection

Can NorthFace offer this property consultancy service all over India?

Right now NorthFace is offering this service only in Andhra Pradesh, but in the near future NorthFace may extend this service all over India.

When will I receive the advisory report?

We make every reasonable effort to deliver your report no later than one to two business weeks after placement of the order, and most orders will be completed within that period unless there is any exception.

Can I directly speak to NorthFace Expert?

Yes Of course, You can directly speak to your Expert, to avoid any confusion about what is informed to you; all communication regarding your order and report will be in written form via our official email.  If you have questions about anything regarding your report, please call our Help desk at +91 97007 75599